• Date


  • Colour

    Midnight Black

  • Length

    ≈ 330m

  • Weight


    +295g Spool
  • Diameter



  • Produced in


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Your Plastic's Journey

From Waste to Wonder

Our plastic is gathered and reprocessed in Italy.

Starting as unwanted waste, various PLA items were carefully collected and Recycled, Reshaping them into the eco-friendly product you can use to Reprint your ideas into reality.

Colourful Beginnings

Our colours are sourced from the United Kingdom.

The coloured pigments are sustainably created, using 100% Green Energy. These additives are then mixed in with our repurposed PLA Pellets to create the vivid colour found in your filament.

Filacorp rPLA Characteristics

  • Factors

    PLA is a versatile and widely used filament in 3D printing, known for its strength and ease of use, with rPLA being ear to identical but more sustainable. Its low thermal expansion rate reduces the risk of warping, making it suitable for printing both large objects and intricate parts. With a low melting temperature of around 175 degrees Celsius, PLA allows for precise printing of delicate components and can be reheated multiple times with minimal degradation.

  • Usage

    rPLA truly shines when it comes to bringing your ideas to life in the world of 3D printing. It's perfect for crafting concept models, prototypes, large scale prints and even those beloved low-wear toys.

  • Caution

    While rPLA itself is considered food-safe, we advise against using 3D prints for repeated food or beverage consumption. Over time, small fractures in the print surface can harbour bacteria. To mitigate this risk, we recommend applying a food-safe coating to your prints. Additionally, during post-processing of rPLA, it's advisable to utilise wet sanding techniques. Dry sanding can generate excessive friction, leading to overheating of the plastic and potential melting or warping of the object.

Featured Prints

The best prints made using our Midnight Black rPLA Prime