At Filacorp, we believe that sustainability is key, we wish this to be the first choice for all creators using 3D printing. We make it easy for you to make that choice, with no inflated costs along with no compromises towards the quality of your creations.

Our materials are gathered with the highest quality in mind, in collaboration with leading recyclers and their discarded plastic. With years of perfecting our process, we're excited to see you use our flagship materials to bring your creations to life.


    We'll make sure all the plastic waste is tackled while you can focus on creating classy, high-quality work


    With performance testing, our recycled material is pushed to their limit to produce products that are reliable, functional, and durable


    We go above and beyond to ensure cross-compatibility with our materials while offering you with all the help you need


Although other companies use standard virgin plastic, we decided to be different. With the growing plastic pollution problem, we aim to reduce past, present and future waste by combining recycling and the growing 3D printing industry

  • Environmental Benefits

    You can help reduce the amount of plastic waste in landfills and oceans while also promoting a more sustainabe future for eveyone

  • rPlastic Quality

    rPLA filaments have the same strength and flexibility as non-recycled PLA filaments, while also being more sustainable

  • Durability

    Just as durable, 100% more sustainable. They have high impact resistance making them ideal for use in functional parts and prototypes

  • Recycled Strength

    rPLA filaments have similar strength properties to traditional counterparts, but with the added benefit of being more sustainable

  • Temperature Resistance

    Recycled filaments have similar temperature resistance when compared to non-recycled PLA

  • Printing Odour

    rFilaments produce less odour, making them a better choice for use in enclosed spaces. This can making 3D printing more healthy experience

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