Where did it start?

  • Founded on 20th April 2023, we focused in research and development of high-quality and sustainable 3D printing filament. Starting with perfecting high quality rPLA, we are looking to provide the most sustainable option possible for every variety of filament to motivate users towards using more environmentally friendly products. As of today we have one site located at Mgarr, Malta.

Why the risk?

  • We knew it would be difficult entering a market with hundreds of 3D printer filament manufacturers, most of which who are already established. So, why did we do it? Very simple, to provide high quality material which not only has a great printed finish, but also an eco-friendly background.

    We noticed that, out of the many filament brands out there, not many seem to take note of the environmental impact their product might leave behind, which really worried us. So we stepped up, creating filament which not only gives a great finish and texture but also lets you sleep well at night knowing you are contributing towards a green printed future.

Who's the team?

  • Our story began with a group of 3D printing fans who wanted more reasonably priced filament without sacrificing quality and our environment. So we sat down and started creating sustainable products that make a positive impact. From day one, we've focused on making eco-friendly filament more affordable, using our expertise and top-notch production methods. We see ourselves as part of the 3D printing community and love exchanging knowledge with others. Our passion is to create the next generation of eco-friendly 3D printing filament, making the industry much greener.

Company News