Sustainability is more than just a catchphrase, in today's world it is essential. An increasing number of sectors are looking for creative ways to lessen their ecological impact as environmental worries rise.

Therefore, after looking into providing our clients with the most sustainable filament on the market, we are happy to announce the creation of EcoBlend, a ground-breaking filament that's revolutionising the 3D printing industry.

What is EcoBlend?

EcoBlend is a paradigm change in the production of filaments. It's a pledge to environmental responsibility, not simply another product. Fundamentally, EcoBlend is a recycled filament made from waste materials from the post-industrial era. EcoBlend provides waste plastics a second chance at life by converting them into premium-quality filament appropriate for a broad range of 3D printing applications, in contrast to standard filaments that contribute to plastic pollution.

The Benefits of Ecoblend

  • Environmental Responsibility

    Sustainability is a reality with EcoBlend, not just a dream. EcoBlend lessens the need for new plastics by recycling post-industrial waste materials, which helps to minimise plastic pollution and environmental deterioration.

  • Quality & Performance

    EcoBlend doesn't sacrifice performance or quality in spite of being recycled from our rPLA Prime Collection. It's appropriate for both professional and amateur 3D printing projects because of its sophisticated production process, which guarantees uniform filament diameter and excellent printing outcomes.

  • Versatility

    EcoBlend offers adaptability in a wide range of applications, from practical parts and prototypes to creative creations. It is the go-to filament for every project due to its dependable printing qualities and compatibility with a wide range of 3D printers.

  • Cost-Effective

    The pursuit of sustainability shouldn't cost more. Because of this, EcoBlend is both economical and environmentally beneficial. Everyone may now affordably use sustainable 3D printing thanks to the €10.99 per KG price point.

  • Zero Waste

    EcoBlend's zero-waste production technique is one of its unique selling points. By using every scrap of recovered material, EcoBlend reduces its environmental effect in contrast to conventional filament manufacturing, which produces a large amount of trash.

  • Unique Colours

    In addition to printing like regular PLA, EcoBlend has the advantage of having distinctive colour choices. Every filament spool is made up of a mixture of recycled materials, which produces erratic colour changes that give each print a little something extra.

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Join the EcoBlend Revolution

EcoBlend use in 3D printing allows people and companies to have a positive effect in a world where every action matters. You're not simply purchasing a filament when you choose EcoBlend, you're also a part of a movement that will create a future that is more sustainable and green.

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