With the release of rPLA Prime, the newest model in our well-known rPLA family, explore the world of environmentally responsible innovation! We at Filacorp are excited to introduce this premium filament, which is made to uphold our commitment to sustainability while elevating your 3D printing experience.

Crafted from Recycled PLA

Made from PLA that has been gathered, cleaned and recycled, rPLA Prime is the ideal combination of performance, quality, and environmental consciousness. rPLA Prime produces excellent outcomes while reducing the environmental impact of 3D printing by reusing post-consumer waste. It is also appropriate for a variety of applications because to its low melting temperature, which allows for the accurate printing of delicate components.

Outstanding Print Quality

You can anticipate the same outstanding print quality and user-friendliness that our customers have grown to expect from our rPLA filament while using rPLA Prime. Prototypes, practical components, and creative works — rPLA Prime produces exceptional outcomes with each print. In addition to bringing some flair to your projects, its vivid colours offer dependable performance due to its consistent diameter and homogenous composition.

Print Settings you're Familiar With

With rPLA Prime you don't need to worry about getting use to different settings, you can either use generic PLA settings to start off with or use the below settings for more of a personalised printing profile:

  • Nozzle Temperature

    220 (± 10 °C)

  • Build Plate Temperature

    55 (± 5 °C)

  • Fan Speed


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Environmental Impact

But rPLA Prime's beneficial effects on the environment are what really make it stand out. By selecting rPLA Prime, you're promoting a more sustainable future for our planet in addition to lowering plastic waste. One print at a time, you are changing the world with every spool of rPLA Prime. Come embrace the potential of environmentally friendly 3D printing with us, and together, let's build a more sustainable future.

In Conclusion

Welcome to the future of 3D printing – welcome to rPLA Prime!

With rPLA Prime filament, discover the ideal balance between sustainability and performance. Improve your printing endeavours and contribute to the environment at the same time. Come along with us as we go, one print at a time, towards a more sustainable future.

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