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* Picture's displayed are just for reference. EcoBlend comes in various unique colours

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100% Zero Waste ♻️

Our EcoBlend filament stands out for its unique composition, crafted from the transitional runs between colour changes. By repurposing these materials that would otherwise go to waste, we ensure zero waste production, all while adding a touch of individuality to every print.

Please note that due to the nature of transitional colours, each filament may vary in hue, creating a distinctive charm in every creation.

About EcoBlend rPLA

EcoBlend rPLA has a manufacturing tolerance of ±0.05mm and is made out of transitional colours from our rPLA Prime filament, creating a one of a kind spool.

Our EcoBlend rPLA has mechanical properties which are similar to regular PLA, with the only difference being it's unique colour and it's 100% Zero Waste composition, ensuring both performance and sustainability.

Recommended Print Settings

  • Nozzle Temperature

    220 (± 10 °C)

  • Print Bed Temperature

    55 (± 5 °C)

  • Fan Speed


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Key Attributes

  • Pros

    Easily Printable

    High Speed Printing

    100% Zero Waste ♻️

    Environmentally Friendly

    Negligible Warping & Shrinkage

    Suitable For Various Print Sizes

  • Cons

    Limited Print Flexibility

    Low Temperature Resistance

    Absorbs Moisture (Hygroscopic)

General FAQs

What is EcoBlend rPLA?

EcoBlend rPLA is our sustainable solution for utilising transitional colours in 3D printing. These colours, which may vary from from one spool to another, are repurposed into unique filament spools, adding diversity to prints while reducing waste. By embracing EcoBlend rPLA, users contribute to environmental sustainability while enjoying vibrant and individualised prints.

Best Printer Settings?

Nozzle Temperature: 200˚C - 240˚C
Heated Bed Temperature: 45˚C - 60˚C (Can be used on a cold bed too)
Printing Speed: 30mm/s - 70mm/s (Can be used at higher speeds)
Fan: On

EcoBlend rPLA has a similar printing finish to our rPLA Prime, with the added feature of having it's unique colour and being 100% Zero Waste.

Should I Clean my Plate?

Yes, you should clean your build plate after every 5 - 10 prints. Even if your prints are adhering well to the bed, it is best to clean the plate to prevent buildup of small debris with can then interfere with adhesion.

You can clean your plate with warm water and some soap, or alternatively, use 90% isopropyl alcohol (IPA) if available.

Should I dry my Filament?

While drying your filament before use is helpful, it's not necessary, especially if there are no signs of moisture during printing.

However, if you do encounter moisture-related issues while printing, we suggest considering drying the filament to ensure optimal performance.

This flexible approach allows you to achieve high-quality printing results while maintaining convenience.

Just a reminder: be cautious not to overheat your filament during drying, as this could cause problems. The ideal drying settings are 55°C for 6 hours.

What Should my Bed Temperature be?

The print bed temperature may vary from printer to printer.

For Non-Enclosed Printers, we usually recommend the following settings:

-Textured PEI Plate: 60 - 65 °C

- Smooth PEI Plate: 60 - 65 °C

- Glass Plate: 50 - 55 °C

- Cool Plate: 0 - 35 °C

For Enclosed Printers, we usually recommend the following settings:

-Textured PEI Plate: 55 - 60 °C

- Smooth PEI Plate: 50 - 55 °C

- Glass Plate: 50 - 55 °C

- Cool Plate: 0 - 35 °C

What Should I Do With My Empty Spool?

We accept back empty spools from our customers anytime of the week. Should you wish to provide us back with one of our empty spools (with the sticker in good condition) we would provide you with a €1 discount per spool on your next order