rPLA Satin - Sterling Silver

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About rPLA Satin

Filacorp rPLA Satin features a precise manufacturing tolerance of ±0.03mm and is made from 100% recycled PLA. This high-quality filament offers a sleek, shiny finish, perfect for creating stunning and sustainable 3D prints.With sustainably sources pigments, the colour additives come from renewable resourced materials.

Compared to standard PLA, our rPLA Satin provides the same high-quality performance, with no compromises on strength or durability. It excels in delivering outstanding 3D printing results that have both a superior finish and eco-friendly background, making it an ideal choice for sustainable creations.

Recommended Print Settings

  • Nozzle Temperature

    225 (± 10 °C)

  • Print Bed Temperature

    60 (± 5 °C)

  • Fan Speed


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Key Attributes

  • Pros

    Easily Printable

    High Speed Printing

    Environmentally Friendly

    Negligible Warping & Shrinkage

    Suitable For Various Print Sizes

  • Cons

    Limited Print Flexibility

    Low Temperature Resistance

    Absorbs Moisture (Hygroscopic)

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